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8 Home Improvement Ideas For Rented Flats

Remodeling and renovation are not just for people who are well off and have their own homes, it can be even done in small rented or shared apartments for rent in Cambridge. You might wonder how. Well,for starters you don’t have to make big changes like changing the entire roof or outlay of the house, it can also be little things. 

It is important to hit the refresh button every now and then while living in a house so life doesn’t feel stale and vanilla. So here are 8 Home Improvement Ideas For Rented Flats:

Wooden Furniture 


Wooden furniture adds a rustic charm to the living space. It makes the place feel warm, grounded and welcoming. Try replacing your steel wardrobes, steel-framed beds and tables with wooden ones, to add a more homely feel to the house. You don’t have to buy all these pieces of furniture right away to upgrade your living space as there are many furniture rentals from which you can easily rent on a monthly basis. 

Add Pop-Art Posters 


Add a little personality to your house by framing and hanging your favorite pop-art posters. Express your own interests through these simple, quirky and budget-friendly ideas. You can add vibrant hues of color or monochromatic shades, whichever translates your heart’s desire best. It is much cheaper than painting but gives the wall an instant energy boost. 

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Use shelves that stand out, like shelves that can be used as room separators too or shelves that are made out of unexpected materials. If it seems too costly just remember aesthetics do not have to be extremely costly. You can either repurpose materials or you can rent them, you don’t have to unnecessarily splurge on stuff that would leave a hole in your pocket. 

Totally Towel 


Dump all the old damp and dirty towels and spend a little money on towels that you like. For an extra luxurious feel, invest in a good bamboo towel or comfortable cotton weave towel. Replace every towel at home and keep extra just in case for guests and visitors. 

Warm Light For Life


To make your home feel warm and welcoming, invest in yellow tube lights and lighting. It will make your home not only aesthetically pleasing but also feel serene. But this doesn’t mean dumping away white lighting completely. 

Throw In Some Throw Pillows 


Add some velvety, soft and textured throw pillows on your sofa and in your living space. They add a comfortable feel to the environment around, along with a sophisticated and chic look. You can go with different types of throw pillows or even mismatch them all together. 

Don’t Utter Till You Declutter


You don’t have to add fancy items, you can also try to remove and get rid of old and useless items lying around. Decluttering can really help the space breathe and can clear up most of the space. Sometimes minimalistic is the way to go!

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Garnish With Some Greens 


Add some indoor plants to your living space, they won’t just freshen up your environment but can also help purify the energy and air around. If you choose your plants strategically, then you can get rid of insects, mosquitoes, bad air and bad energy, all in one go. 

Add that oomph around your rented property without looking at your wallet and saying oh-no! Everyone deserves a fresh look and it doesn’t always have to involve large amounts of money. 

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