About Us

Hello All! Thanks for showing interest in our website. Our site hoistore.in was founded in back in early 2019. This website aims to give the viewers knowledge about the people trending in the Indian news and famous personalities all around India.

The content provided here on hoistore.in is based upon the various studies from the web, books, newspaper, and other resources. All the images that you see on this website are already present in the public domain. We never use anything that “celebrities or photographers” do not wish to be shared on the net. If you find anything on the website that the actual-owner doesn’t want us to share, please contact us immediately, and we will remove those pictures immediately within 5 hours. (Obviously, after the prior check whether you really own that piece of content or not)

If you guys have any feedback, please directly contact us, and we will respond in less than 24 hours.

We do not guarantee/claim that the information we have gathered is 100% correct.

Your every feedback is taken very seriously, and we will make the changes on the site based on that. Hope you guys enjoy the content on our website! Have a fantastic day ahead.

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