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Cricket is a highly technical sport with products that are technical. But what do these terms refer to? Here is a look at the nature of the Kookaburra cricket bat. It should help you decide on your next product. You should definitely check out the latest cricket news on daily basis to stay updated.

There’s a lot of discussion on the weight of bats, as well as larger edge profiles and how they can hit the ball more. At Kookaburra we don’t entirely believe in this idea. In reality, if you select a lighter bat, then you’ll likely have to reduce the overall thickness of the profile. It’s not always an issue. Everyone has different body types and sizes, and we believe that for the most out of an instrument the most crucial thing is to select one that has the perfect weight for your body. This will allow you to control the ball better and get more runs! 


The big edge of Kookaburra’s blade rises from the shoulders and increases at the swell, creating the perfect balance, with extended sweet spots that span the whole width of the blade.


Super spines of kookaburras adopt traditional shaping characteristics and work in perfect harmony with the edge that the bat has. This results in a massive top with unparalleled power and incredible speed of pick-up.


The area in the blade that performs is at its highest. Kookaburra bats are made to increase your sweet spot’s size. This allows for the centre of the ball to be distributed farther across the blade and ensures that off-centre hits have better performance.


To maximize the edge profile, the use of scallops on both sides of the spine allows the apex to be widened without significantly increasing the weight. The scallops can also improve the profile of the edge and limit the rotation of blades in off-centre strikes, reducing the loss of power.

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The game of modern times revolves around the blade’s thickness. Kookaburra has developed two kinds of faces to meet the requirements of players today:

Flat Face Flat Face is an area of striking that is level. It allows more weight to be held on behind the bat, which can increase the power of the profile.

A rounded Face is A slightly rounded face that is preferred by more traditional players. It’s a classic look but gives a more compact appearance.


The bat’s curvature extends starting from the point of the handle until the point of the foot. The design is intended to enhance the position of the hands by putting them in front of the ball. This is an important factor for optimal stroke play.

Cricket Bat Size Guide

Below is our suggestion for the right side of the bat about the height of the player. This guide is suitable for using all Senior and Junior cricket bats.

The holy grail of bats is one with a huge profile and very light dead weight. However, this is extraordinarily difficult to come across.

It’s fascinating when a person states that why not check here they have to use the exact weight of the bat. When a two-pound 9oz bat weight and 2lbs 10oz of bat weight were put in front of the player, it’s unlikely they’d be able to discern the difference. We believe that ‘pick-up is more important than the dead weight since the weight of the pick-up affects how the bat feels when it is in the game. There is no way to tell you which pick-up will be for your needs, nor what weight you should choose it’s a matter of what feels right to you.

Shape And Profile

It is commonly believed that bats have been specifically made for the front or back foot. While the shape may be more suitable for the surface you typically play on, however, we all need to play with both sides of the foot. It is therefore recommended to pick one that feels comfortable for you.

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Every player is different in their approach to playing and, as a result, will likely hit the ball in different places on the bat. Although it’s not possible to accommodate every hitting area, we suggest picking a bat that has wood that is centred in your typical location of impact. This can greatly increase the chances that the bat will be the right fit for your needs.

Bat Grade & Appearance

Prices for bats vary greatly and are all essential pieces of wood, however, we believe that a more expensive bat will be more effective than a less expensive one. For instance, we’d think that a bat made of the Grade 1 type of wood will be superior to a bat constructed from grade 3 timber. The performance of every Kookaburra hand-crafted bat is assessed continuously throughout the process of manufacturing through our expert bat maker. They test the bat based on the way it drives to ensure you are certain that the bat you select will function exactly what you’d like from that particular model.

In all the years we have had of making bats We believe that the appearance is not correlated with the bat’s performance. It was once believed that bats made of thin grain were the most effective but this isn’t always the case, and they break more easily. While Click this bigger grain bats are somewhat more difficult, to begin with, however, once they have been used, they are usually more durable and perform equally well.

The amount of grains in bats is a debated topic (a grain is considered to be an entire year of trees) There was also a belief that eight grains straight on the face made an ideal bat. However, over time the ever-increasing demand for willow has led to a situation that matures trees quicker. This means there are smaller or larger grains and, consequently, the concept of grading and grains has changed with it. When we make a model our bat makers analyze every cleft of wood to determine which model we can make from it. It is guaranteed you will get the best quality bat. a Kookaburra bat is among the top you can expect from the particular kind of willow.

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The most crucial aspect to consider when selecting a bat is making sure it is comfortable for you. To ensure that you get the most out of your performance, you need to take into consideration what you’d like from your bat as well as how you play.


The most expensive willow, and possibly the most beautiful blade. There could there be some wood that is red visible on the blade, but generally, there should be at least 6 straight grains on the surface. There might be a small knot or speck at the back or edge of the bat. However, the action should be straight and smooth.


In a superb quality blade, however, more redwood could be evident than on a grade 1 blade, but it doesn’t affect the playing ability of the bat. The same amount of grains as Grade 1 but with some blemishes or butterflies in the grain of the face.


The most widely used blade type provides excellent value for money. A blade grade 3 may be able to have as much as half of the face with a tint or redwood colour, but it does not affect the playability. This type of bat will have approximately 5 grains on the surface but they may not be straight. There are also likely to be spots or butterfly marks on the grains of the surface of the bat.


Most of the blade could have discoloured areas, however, the overall playability of the bat shouldn’t be affected. The majority of bats have only 4 grains. There is also staining and marks from butterflies on the surface of the bat.


This grade is created through our manufacturing process and is mostly like a grade 4, but it may contain more stain in the wood and therefore not be as attractive.

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