Different Types of Beds Your Home Needs

Your bed becomes one of your close companions after a long tiring day. You would prefer to unwind and relax in bed after being out for a long day. A bed is always inviting and gives a warm feeling to the occupants. One can choose different types of beds as per one’s requirements and budget. Sometimes people take it so obvious that they ignore the quality and longevity factors. We use beds for sleeping, watching television, and OTT shows. During the pandemic, we were staying at home most of the time and as a result, use of beds has increased by threefolds. When it comes to building a home, is one of the reputed house construction company in Bangalore.

While choosing the bed, one needs to consider the design, the comfort it provides, and space friendly factors. This article will explain the prominent varieties of beds for your comfortable stay at home. 

These are one of the classic and oldest types of beds in the market. Platform beds were high in demand initially, but now with storage beds flooding the market, platform beds have lost  their importance. Platform beds are an ideal choice for small as well as large rooms. These beds come with detachable legs. Platform beds can also be used as box beds. They are easy to undertake dusting beneath because of ample space. 

  • Box Type Beds

As the name suggests, box type beds consist of a box beneath the bed that can be used for storage capacity. One can store bags, utensils, home accessories, and so on under these beds and save space in the rooms. However, care should be taken to choose a wood of good quality and appealing so as to ensure durability and strength. They are made of one single frame. One can opt for top opening boxes or side opening drawers. 

  • Bunk Beds

If you are worried about space limitations and looking for beds for kids, then bunk beds are the most preferred choice. Generally bunk beds are used for children’s rooms. The cots provide extra space for playing,storage, and so on. Kids will develop a strong relationship while living, sleeping, and playing together on their beds in bunker style. Moreover, they can also have some form of adventure to climb up and down on the ladder. 

  • Floor Beds

Floor beds are the ones that are laid on the floors. They are commonly seen in most Indian Homes. The beds can be extended by having additional mattresses. Floor beds can accommodate several people and are best suited for joint families. One can pick floor beds as per one’s choice, budget, brands, types of wood used etc. 

  • Sofa-cum-bed

People are looking for smart furnishing solutions in recent times. Sofa-cum-bed is a modern innovation of living. With urbanisation fast catching up, small-scale budgeted flats, and cramped space have made sofa-cum-bed the most preferred choice in many Indian homes. As the name says, it can be used as a sofa and convert it into bed at night. It is comfortable, space-efficient, and available in different types. 

  • Round Beds

Round beds are traced back to royal European culture where kings and queens used this form of beds. The beds are round in shape and larger than normal beds having designs and decorations. The beds are spacious to relax and stretch. The beds do not have any unwanted sharp edges. 

  • Canopy Beds

Canopy beds are also similar to round beds and were extensively  used by the Royal family. As they come with canopy for hanging curtains, the beds give protection against mosquitoes, bugs, and other insects. The curtains on the canopy keep the bed warm. They are large in size and are spacious  to stretch and relax. However, when it comes to cost they are quite expensive. 

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Hope the above article was helpful and served the purpose. You can also consult us if you are planning to buy a bed as we could provide some important tips as we are a house construction company. Moreover, we can also assist you with the house construction cost in Bangalore

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