Experts Share Biggest EGamer Mistakes

Egaming is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Egaming is played online at sites like Lottoland, a world leader in international lotteries, expanding its brand to include online sports betting from India.  

Until recently, there was no such thing as a professional gamer. Today, there are more than 234 million egaming enthusiasts in the world. Hoistore’s article states that it is possible to build a career online with egames. Thousands of people are entering the venue of egaming as a career. Top e-gamers such as Johan Sundstein, Jesse Vainikka, and Anathan Pham earn over $6,000,000.00 annually

For every successful gamer that manages to make a living with the sport, there are more that try and fail. We have done the research to determine why. Below, you will find the biggest reasons why e-gamers fail. Perhaps these tips will help you decide if egaming is for you.

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Reasons why e-gamers fail

  • Removing the fun factor

Gaming is supposed to be fun. That is why the games are made, and so many people play them. Often when someone begins looking at the game they are playing as a job, they stop having fun. If you remove the fun factor, playing will stagnate. If you no longer enjoy yourself, you lose motivation to grow and the determination to get to the top of the game. 

Set goals other than winning. Play with friends just for fun. Try to master a weapon that you are not good with. Remember all the reasons you were drawn to the game and concentrate on having fun.

  • Overconfidence
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Sometimes gamers begin to think they are so good that no one can tell them anything. They ignore tidbits of information that friends and teammates offer to improve their game. Even professional athletes need a coach. Take every bit of advice provided. Consider it and maybe give it a try. Do not take everything personally. Not letting a critique upset you is an essential step in growing.

  • Not competing

There are many reasons why not entering competitions is self-defeating. First, competing lets, you measure your skills against other players. It helps you pick up tips and strategies that you may not know. There are usually professionals viewing the tournaments, like coaches and recruiters. You can meet some important contacts that will help you move up. While you should never save yourself for tournaments with huge prizes, you can pick up some good money while competing and practicing for the big games.

Experts Share Biggest EGamer Mistakes


  • Not Evolving

The push to master a game never stops. People sometimes get complacent and stop trying new things in a game. This is a major mistake. It will eventually lead to boredom, and it will bring you down. If you want to succeed as a pro-gamer, you must have a drive within yourself.

  • Forcing yourself to play

Being a gamer means loving to play. A gamer will sit for hours day after day because they love playing so much that they can’t stop. When they master a skill, their whole purpose is to get and master the next one. Trying to break into professional esports for the money or glamor will never work out if you don’t love the game. You simply will not be able to compete against trained masters of the sport that have passion. If you are trying this field based on anything short of loving to play, you should move on to plan B.

  • Get your gear, but don’t chase your gear.
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Obviously, you need the right tools to succeed. Many websites provide information on the best CPUs and GPUs, and other essential items. Get a high-level setup. Don’t get trapped into the habit of chasing the next best thing. You will spend tons of money and constantly be using something different. Get a good set-up and work with it until it is as natural as breathing.  

  • Avoiding a tracker

There are so many good trackers on the market that not using one is a rookie mistake. While we have pressed the issue of having fun, your progress must be measured. There is a difference between passively playing and actively progressing. A tracker is essential. 


To become a great e-gamer, you must address every aspect of yourself. You need to be a good sport and make friends in the arena. Letting these mistakes take a place in your world is detrimental to your success. This is an exciting time in esports. You have opportunities that gamers before you never dreamed of. Assess your situation and if you feel this is what you really want, give it 100%. You could be one of the lucky few who succeed with a job they love.

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