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Physics is a division of science that is a compulsory academic subject for students up to class tenth. Many students who want to do engineering,  other application courses, and professional work, opt for physics in senior secondary and higher learning courses. In these classes, physics becomes more detailed and complex. 

Because of this, other than classroom learning, students find the need for additional coaching. Due to better flexibility, convenience, and comfort provided, many learners prefer taking online physics coaching. Let us discuss some tips that an online physics teacher can follow to teach this subject effectively to students and enhance their applicative skills. 

Effective physics teaching online: tips to follow 

  1. Design a proper course

To make your students learn from you for a good amount of time, develop a proper course. Taking a few sessions, or being irregular won’t help in effective teaching and learning. Develop a course for the particular academic class, or age group and ask students to take the membership or admission for the whole course. For example, if you want to give physics coaching to JEE aspirants, design a proper long-term course as well as a short crash course. Later learn how to sell courses online and expand your online physics teaching business. 

  1. Use audio-visual aids to teach

Physics is a subject full of applications, derivations, facts, and concepts. Understanding all these topics from textbooks becomes difficult for students. To overcome this problem, technology helps. By using online teaching apps, sites, and other mobile applications, teachers can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. This will also make learning engaging and interesting for students. 

  1. Have an asynchronous form of learning too.
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Many students due to time constraints, or other responsibilities cannot manage to take live classes. Some higher physics learners are working, doing part-time jobs, entrepreneurship, business, or more. Because of this, they cannot attend the live online classes regularly. They prefer to learn at their own pace and preferred time. To be an effective physics instructor, you can develop an asynchronous course in this regard.  

Record the lectures, combine the study material and make a proper asynchronous physics learning format. Later, use technology to sell online courses from your own website, consult someone good at computer applications and develop your website, here you can upload the asynchronous physics course details, timings, and links to buy fee payment and more. Be as independent as possible. 

  1. Make students practice as much as possible

Only learning the formulas and reading the topics is not enough. The more you practice numerical, the better will be your command over physics. Therefore teachers must make students solve the class as much as possible. Start with the basic and easy questions. Ask students to first read the question properly, later think of a suitable formula and start solving. 

Once done with the basic questions, you can move to the complex ones too. In the case of asynchronous learning, you can provide students with the solved physics question bank. Give them homework, set a deadline, and ask students to submit the same by uploading the homework on the education app. 

  1. Let students ask doubts

Physics is difficult for many students, especially for higher earners. How to understand a particular physics, how to get the accurate answers, which formula to apply where are doubts common with all. To teach physics effectively, ensure proper doubt resolution. Let students ask their doubts and queries freely and comfortably. You can ask them to write their doubts in the chat box and try to give instant answers. In the case of asynchronous learning, you can tell students to post their doubts on the education app, or the site or mail them to you separately. Proper doubt resolution will help students to get a clear and in-depth understanding of the physics syllabus. 

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Many senior secondary learners opt for the science stream and study physics. The same goes for many higher learners too. When they face difficulty in understanding physics, many go for online physics tuitions. Or to have a work education balance, and competitive exam preparation, many students opt for online physics courses. To provide students with a quality physics online education, effective teaching is important. By following the above-mentioned tips one can teach physics effectively and make this subject more understandable for the learners. 

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