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Joe Biden’s Granddaughter Naomi Biden, Wiki, Biography, Profile, and family

Naomi Biden is the Grand Daughter of American President Joe Biden and Daughter of American lawyer and investment advisor Robert Hunter Biden.

Find out Naomi Biden Biography, Family, Education, and Naomi Biden Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Naomi Biden Biography

Name Naomi Biden
Date of Birth 1993
  • Naomi is the oldest Biden grandchild and was born in December 1993
  • She is the daughter of Joe Biden’s son Hunter and his first wife, Kathleen.
  • She is named after her father’s sister, Naomi Christina, who was killed in a car crash with her mother, Neilia, in November 1971.
  • She got her undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Naomi Biden graduated in 2016 in the same class as Tiffany Trump.
  • Naomi studied international relations in college and graduated from Columbia law school.
  • She’s dating Peter Neal, who’s a student at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School.

Naomi Biden Family

Father Name Robert Hunter Biden.
Mother Name Kathleen
Educational Qualification Graduation
University The University of Pennsylvania.
Columbia law school.
Nationality American
Married No
Husband/ Spouse Peter Neal
Current City  

Naomi Biden Instagram



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