The magnificent Estádio da Luz

As probably many football fans have noticed, football fans are delighted with the gorgeous stadiums that Europe has to offer. The 1xBet locations can be visited in order to place wagers on the matches played there.

A magnificent facility from this part of the world is the Estádio da Luz. The name of the venue literally means Stadium of Light. It is located in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. While this facility was primarily designed with football in mind, other disciplines can also be practiced at the stadium. This is because the football venue is only a part of a larger sports complex.

Portuguese team Benfica calls this place home. With a capacity of almost 65 thousand spectators, any team that visits Benfica in this stadium will feel the support of the home team. This capacity makes the Estádio da Luz the largest stadium in the country.

Many important football competitions have taken place at the Estádio da Luz throughout the years. Some of them include:

  • tournaments of several domestic competitions where Benfica participates;
  • two different UEFA Champions League finals;
  • and it was even a venue of the 2004 UEFA Euro.

It should be noted that the Estádio da Luz probably brings some bitter memories for some Portuguese football fans. This is because this was the place where the Greek national team shocked the world by defeating the home team in the final of the 2004 UEFA Euro. The locations provided on 1xBet can also be used in order to start wagering on everything related to competition on them.

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Reincarnation of another incredible venue

It should be noted that this is not the first stadium to bear the name Estádio da Luz. In the same place where the current venue is located, there was another facility with the same name. It was demolished by the late 1990s in order to make way for the new stadium. The 1xBet bonus can be extremely useful when betting on matches that take part on the Estádio da Luz.

The new stadium was opened in 2003. The first match ever played here was a friendly between Benfica and Uruguayan giants Nacional. The home team won 2-1 with goals from Nuno Gomes and Alvaro Mello. Curiously, in that match, Mello would receive two yellow cards within just two minutes at the beginning of the second half. This also made the Uruguayan player the first footballer ever to get a red card in the brand-new venue, which is quite a dubious honor.

This occurrence left his squad with 10 players for almost 45 minutes. The amazing bonus 1xBet can also be used when wagering on these friendly matches.

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