Why is it important to pursue innovation within companies?

With technological advances revolutionizing all industries, companies must innovate to remain relevant and not be left behind. In fact, those that are encouraged to take this path are rewarded not only by being better prepared for the future but also by having the best talent and greater consumer demand. 

 Business innovation occurs when companies implement new processes or reuse their own processes differently, aiming to obtain different results. In this way, they will almost certainly reduce costs and save time. They often cannot do it alone, so they turn to other companies to accompany them in their development and implementation.

 This change definitely facilitates the use of new business opportunities and allows the development of new and better markets. In addition, it offers personalized services to consumers, representing an increased competitive advantage. 

 Given this situation, in addition to the fact that both the market and business models are constantly changing, it is clear that companies that do not invest in resources to improve them and/or generate new ones will become obsolete in the short or medium term. 

 To achieve this, it is necessary to modify the current methodologies so that they can be attractive to the market, because today no formula indicates whether an idea will be sufficiently attractive to users. Faced with this reality, it can be said that the key to success in the processes lies in the following relationship: more risk and uncertainty → less investment and more experimentation, to collect evidence indicating that we are creating something valuable for users. 

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 For this reason, it is imperative to validate the viability of the different ideas, discarding those that do not have the necessary evidence to be built in a robust way. Also, you can go to sign in and read more essays on the subject.

Bottom up innovation

 Any company that bets on innovation as a way to be disruptive and challenge the status quo needs to set up the necessary context and the different dynamics that help to drive new ideas in a bottom up way, that is, to take advantage of internal talent and knowledge. 

 Top management needs to understand that innovative proposals will surely come from the bottom up, giving space for employees to be the ones to propose, since they are the most knowledgeable about the company’s strengths and problems.

 Today there are different alternatives, developed by companies dedicated to innovation, for large companies to implement a methodology for the generation and testing of business ideas, whose purpose is to exhaust all instances of gathering feedback and evidence necessary before moving on to the construction of the product.

 In this way, absolute autonomy is generated within the company and, as a consequence of the process, the mindset and culture are modified from the bottom up.

Expertise and support are the keys

 The companies that accompany the innovation processes by testing business models, work together for a few months whose purpose and result will be, nothing more and nothing less, than the autonomy to innovate constantly on a safe ground.

 At a macro level, the methodology applied consists of a period of ideation, to then move directly to an instance of intensive experimentation. In this way, the entire internal team will be able to provide new business ideas and test them effectively, dissipating uncertainty and risk as much as possible. 

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 Companies that implement it will be able to provide new disruptive solutions in the short and medium term, allowing them to reach the market with a better and wider acceptance by users and consumers.



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