7 Best Cakes To Celebrate Your Toddler’s Birthday

Children are the most valuable gift by God to every mother and father. They bring prosperity, love, cheer and happiness to everybody, whether parents, grandparents, material parents or anyone. They also make people responsible for every aspect of needs and future in life and try every bit to bring smiles and happiness to their child’s face. 

Our toddlers smile out loud only by getting their favourite toys, visiting parks, delicious dishes of their choice and more. Similarly, on or before birthdays, their faces just smile by thinking about the cakes, decorations, chocolates, gifts and more. 

So, every parent wants to make their child’s birthday memorable to the best of their abilities. Cakes are an important part of a birthday celebration. Moreover, if you are also one of the parents or guardians who are searching for the best birthday cakes for their toddlers, this article is correct for you.

Top 7 Affordable Birthday Cakes For Your Toddler

Every parent wants to celebrate their kid’s birthday grandly because children are everything to them. Here is the list of the top 7 birthday cakes for toddlers that you can order online at your destination or send cake to Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, or whatever place you want.

1] Sumptuous Green Cake

The sumptuous Green cake is a unique collection of butterscotch flavour cakes. The colour will just excite every kid when ordered with love and affection. This is a green cake with sprinkles over it. The quality used in the cake is also rich, which will be a perfect surprise for your bundle of joy.

This cake is easily available online at an affordable price or from local bakery shops. 

2] Peppa Family Birthday Cake

Peppa Family Birthday Cake is another butterscotch-flavoured cake. It will excite your kids to the utmost. Peppa Family cartoon gives a unique theme of giving good wishes and greetings to every member around you. And so, by the cake, it will help to give good wishes and creamy greetings to your beloved niece, nephew, little one, or any other tiny member of the family who is a big fan of Peppa Family. Get this at online sites or from local bakeries.

3] Fun Doraemon Theme Cake

Doremon is a favourite character of every kid. Nobita is always helped by Doraemon when in need the most. Similarly, when it comes to treating your kids, Doraemon cake will be a better option for you. The appearance and taste will add glory to your toddler celebration. 

Order from online sites and get this Doraemon cake or from a local bakery.

4] Angry Birds Fondant Theme Cake

If your kids are fond of Angry birds games, order Angry Birds Fondant Theme cake for them. A butterscotch-flavoured cake that will bring a smile to your kid’s face. Also, it is available in different flavours like Vanilla, Strawberry, butterscotch and chocolate. 

So, surprise your son or daughter this birthday by ordering from online sites or local bakeries shops.

5] Pink Minnie Mouse Fun Cake

Are your children fond of Mickey Mouse cartoons? If yes, then order Pink Minnie Mouse Fun Cake for them. It is an exciting butterscotch flavour cake decorated with a polka dot bow just like her favourite Minnie. Get this Disney cake at your party and make the day memorable and happy for your kids. 

6] Bunny Pinata Cake

Bunny pinata cake is a trending cake nowadays. This is a pineapple-flavoured cake that melts into the mouth when you smash it. 

You will get a hammer with cake for blasting the enjoyable moments at the parties. 

So, order this surprise for your toddler today and make the celebrations more delightful.

7] Red Barbie Theme Cake

Is your princess’ birthday coming? Is she fond of Barbie and its hair? If yes, then order butterscotch red barbie cake for her. She would love to see the unboxing of her favourite character as in the cake. Also available in other flavours like chocolates, vanilla, pineapple, black forest and strawberry flavour.

Its starting weight is 2 kg and thus costs little. But, you can easily get from online trusted portals, which promise a fast and safe delivery.

Also, local bakeries shops provide the same, but you have to preorder before her birthday. Overall, the taste and colour will just add glory to the parties of your princess.


Kids are the simile of the family and so keeping them safe and happy would be the priority. Birthday celebrations are one happy moment for them where they get their favourite clothes, cakes, gifts, chocolates, family togetherness and more.

There are other collections of toddler birthday cake despite the above list in respect of taste, flavour, colour and size. Some of them are Chota Bheem Fam cake, strumming batman theme cake, Peachy Unicorn Theme cake, Artistic Chocolate Cake and many more, which are trending in demand.

The bottom line is; to make your child happy by not only offering them a beautiful cake but also giving them good health and knowledge.

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