7 Face Wash Tips And Hacks To Get A Clear Glowing Skin

Cleansing, the first and foremost step in a skincare routine, has manifold benefits. It gently purges the pores of dust, grime, and pollution, leaving the skin refreshed. Furthermore, the right formula (suited to your skin type) targets pertinent concerns such as dehydration, excessive greasiness, hyperpigmentation, and more. 

To ensure you make the best of this meticulous skin care staple, we are bringing forth some face wash tips to help you attain clear skin. But before we get down to business, below is a quick, beginner-friendly list of the ingredients that work for the four skin types. Keep scrolling. And if you’re in need of a quality face wash to kickstart your skincare routine, you can easily buy face wash that suits your specific skin type.


Ingredients You Should Seek in Your Face Wash According to Your Skin Type

Does the avalanche of products in the skincare aisle of a supermarket intimidate you? Well, this is where we come into the picture. Here’s an ingredient checklist for the four different skin types to help streamline your search for the best products! 

  1. For Dry Skin: If you grapple with dry or flaky skin, weave a humectant-infused face wash into your regimen. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerine bind water molecules to the dermis, making it look soft, supple, and radiant.
  2. For Oily Skin: If the sebaceous glands on your face are perpetually in overdrive, consider bagging a salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide product. These potent ingredients cut excess oil, slough off the dead cells, and prevent irksome bouts of acne.
  3. For Combination Skin: Taking care of combination skin isn’t all that easy. For the unversed, combination skin type is often characterised by an oily T-zone and flaky spots across the face (in no particular order). To circumvent this concern, opt for concoctions with green tea or niacinamide, which hydrate the skin while curbing sebum production. 
  4. For Sensitive Skin: If you have a sensitive skin type, we recommend all-natural brews that are devoid of parabens, fragrances, and odour. Additionally, you can opt for formulations with alleviating agents like honey, aloe vera, and chamomile (just a smattering), which keep episodes of unwarranted inflammation and redness at bay.
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If you want to reap the optimal benefits of this humble yet efficacious product, ensure you follow these face wash tips:

  1. Face Wash in Your AM and PM Regimens: Solidify your skincare regimen by incorporating a potent face wash into your AM and PM regimens. For the unversed, the skin prioritises rejuvenation and regeneration at night, making it integral to exterminate the dead cells on the dermis to promote healthy skin.
  2. Use a Pea-Sized Amount: Before you apply your face wash, ascertain that your hands are clean. Squeeze out a pea-sized amount of the formulation and rub it between the palms of your hands to create a rich lather. Next, using your fingertips, rub the foam onto your face gently, moving in small circular motions.
  3. Rub the Face Wash For 60 Seconds: Never scrub the face too hard or long, as it may be abrasive to your skin. After rubbing the face wash on your skin for a minute, wash it off.
  4. Lukewarm Water to Rinse: Use lukewarm water to rinse off your face. This helps remove any product or makeup residue from the skin.
  5. Say No to Overwashing: The muggy weather can have you reaching out for your face wash more than twice a day. While squeaky clean may feel good, it could prove to be counterproductive for your skin type. Overwashing can strip off the natural oils from the face, resulting in dryness, an imbalanced pH, and uncomfy tightness.
  6. Use a Soft Towel to Dry Your Face: Always use a paper towel or a soft cloth to pat your face dry. Avoid excessive rubbing, as it may lead to inexplicable episodes of redness or inflammation.
  7. Complete Your Regimen With a Moisturizer: Washing your face isn’t enough. You must seal the water content replenished with the aid of a moisturizer. So once you are through with dabbing a result-oriented serum onto your face, slather a generous layer of a creamy formulation.


Other than a solid skincare regimen, here are some additional lifestyle tips that you can follow to streamline your efforts. Going the extra mile will bring you closer to the skin of your dreams.

  1. Exercise Regularly: Movement is indispensable to the upkeep and maintenance of all bodily functions – good skin isn’t an exception. Exercising (in any form) helps improve blood circulation, granting you clear, bright skin.
  2. Load Up on Fruits and Berries: Beauty is always an inside-out approach. So, if you want radiant skin, load your plate with plenty of fruits and berries. An abundant source of antioxidants, these ingredients help shield the skin from damage induced by external aggressors.
  3. Beauty Sleep Isn’t a Myth: As discussed briefly, the skin cells prioritise repair and regeneration at night. This is why getting enough shut-eye is non-negotiable. Additionally, the skin also facilitates the production of collagen as you count sheep – collagen for the unversed, is the building block of the dermis which ensures its elasticity. 


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