7 skills for successful management career

Every company has a variety of employees with a variety of responsibilities. For example, an economist performs all calculations to optimize the company’s activities, must provide for the dynamics of the enterprise’s development and also warn the manager against wrong actions. There are accountants who are responsible for all cash flows in the company. There are bosses who own the company and make the most important decisions. And part of all the main people in any organization are the managers. This is the boss who is busy managing processes and personnel in a certain area of the enterprise. The manager, as a rule, is included in the middle and top management of any enterprise. The main function of a manager is management, which includes the process of planning, organizing, motivating and controlling. Therefore, in order to become a successful manager and build a successful career in this position, you need to have certain skills that not everyone has.


According to Wikipedia, a skill is an ability of activity, formed by repetition and brought to automatism. That is, all these skills are obtained only after a lot of practice. But nevertheless, you may already have these skills, as they are in demand not only among managers, but also in other professions. As a result, the main requirement for the applicant is learning. This is the privilege of people with flexible thinking and natural talents. And it is these people who have the highest chance of getting any job. Here is jobs for indians in UAE.

  1. The first skill is the ability to look appropriate.

It is very difficult to make the right impression, and in fact, the influence of appearance includes a lot of different aspects. Meet by clothes, see off by mind. Therefore, each manager should look appropriate for his status. And this applies not only to top management, but also to junior managers. In essence, the person working in this position is the face of the company, and therefore he must look accordingly. Each manager who offers, for example, advertising services, must himself look presentable and even attractive. This is very important, as the impression it makes on a potential client will directly affect the success of the transaction. And any account manager creates the image of the company he represents. By the way, this applies not only to appearance, but also to behavior, manners and even the smell that comes from a person.

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2. The ability to find an approach to each client.

A successful manager must know that each client is an individual who needs an individual approach. This is, in fact, the main task of every manager, to find an approach to everyone. To do this, you need to be a fairly open person, perhaps even an extrovert. In the advertising business, being able to find an approach to people is one of the primary and most important criteria. In this niche of services, creativity, originality and the ability to hit the “bull’s eye” in all situations play a role.

3. Broad-minded and erudite

When negotiating, it is important to come across as smart, educated, and knowledgeable as this directly affects your success. In addition, if you become a manager, this means that you will constantly be faced with different opinions, views, goals. And besides the fact that you will need to listen to all this, you will need to understand what this or that person is talking about, as well as know what to answer, and how to keep the conversation going. And if you, for example, work as an advertising manager, then you will have to deal with literally the entire market, and understand how to organize it all and what’s what.

4. Grammatically correct speech

Competent speech is valued in general in any field, in any job and in any language. But in our time, competent speech in English is most valued. In English, you can communicate in almost any country in the world, and if you manage it at a high enough level, it will make you a very valuable employee. Naturally, knowledge of a foreign language is required in oral and written form. Spoken language and professional language are different things, and for a successful career, you need a good command of both. When you apply for a job as a manager, your employer may require a certificate of passing an exam in English, which has the abbreviation CEFR at a level not lower than B2, or C1. Besides the fact that you need to have a good command of the subject of exactly what you are doing, you also need to know the most basic words from a phrase from all areas that you will encounter while working.

5. Planning

In order to successfully achieve everything that is necessary for the development of the company and achieve all the goals, it is necessary to develop a plan to achieve them. It is easier and easier to act according to the plan yourself, since you clearly see all your steps in front of you, and it is also easier to manage people when both you and they see all the goals and intermediate stages that they must complete. That’s why it is useful to complete a PMP certification training so you’ll learn how to better plan and manage a bigger group of people.

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6. Negotiation

This is a completely separate art. Negotiation contains many different subtleties. For example, at the beginning of the conversation, you need to determine the needs of a potential client. You need to ask the right questions and get the right answers that you can understand and apply to your advantage. A slightly abstract conversation leads away from current difficulties and smoothly guides the visitor to the topic of product discussion. You also need to remember to correctly present your product or service to the buyer in order to attract his attention. And you need to be able to prove that you can give the best and most profitable offer on the market, since not every buyer will want to buy your product. In fact, it is indeed a very complex process with many subtleties, and one can become a master at this only after many years of practice.

7. The ability to control oneself, to be psychologically stable

Like some of the other skills that I have already mentioned, this can be useful both in life and in work as a manager. You will never become a good specialist until you learn to control yourself, get rid of unnecessary fears, negativity and doubts. Not all potential buyers are calm and adequate people, you will have to work in different environments. And it is important to be able to do it qualitatively in any circumstances. Without this, success in management is impossible. Any experienced manager can instantly tune in to the positive in different situations, control himself and restrain emotions when a client plays on his nerves (which unfortunately happens quite often). This needs to be learned by those who are just starting their careers.

What do managers need besides these skills?

In fact, there could be a lot of suitable people for any managerial position if employers paid attention only to the personal qualities of each person. But the world is a little different. Therefore, in order to be a good and sought-after manager that any firm wants to hire, in addition to some qualities of character and personality, you need to have some other skills and advantages. Many businesses employ an international PEO for administrative HR activities such as payroll, benefits, compliance, and workers’ compensation. Therefore, if you’re seeking overseas opportunities, you can approach a PEO.

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Higher university education

It doesn’t matter what a good organizer you are, how well you manage the organization and how you know how to command, without higher education you will not be able to become a manager in any of the large companies that, in addition to favorable cooperation conditions, can offer any manager a decent monthly salary. It is worth saying that you can become a manager with a large salary and without education, but for this you will have to work very hard for many years, and who should show such personal qualities that will make you an ideal manager in any place, but the education you receive will help you save money anyway some years.

Great work practice (experience)

Remember that the degree of professionalism is worth more than the degree of education. No matter how good a potential employee you are, without experience, your potential means nothing. Work experience is really important in work, since only with it comes the ability to solve various complex tasks related to management, and indeed, the more experience a person has in a particular business, the more in demand he will be, since he will have enough wisdom to making reasonable decisions in favor of the organization in which he will work.


Here is the same as in the previous paragraph. But instead of work experience, life experience matters here. For example, in Europe it is easier for older workers to find work than younger competitors. Applicants over 35 years old are considered professionals with experience. Therefore, if you plan to work in Europe, remember that at this age it will be easiest to successfully find a job. The upper threshold of demanded workers is marked by the age of 48 years. This is again explained by the fact that older people have more experience in solving various life problems, and solve them more successfully than younger and novice workers.


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