Breaking Down India’s Latest Entertainment Trends (2023)

India is one of the most exciting places in the world to live. From Karnataka to Assam to Gujarat, locals enjoy some of the finer things in life—including dancing, listening to and playing music, and heading out on the town. Life in India is simply more engaging and more colorful than in other places.

One part of the country’s charm is just how much it has going on at any point in time. And with so many people invested in entertainment, it’s no surprise that the nearly 1.5 billion locals are constantly finding new ways to have fun. At lightning speed, entertainment trends are evolving and changing. Most of these upgrades come with new advancements in technology, while others are simply the result of taste. 

Let’s explore this year’s greatest trends in entertainment in India.

Casinos & Sports Betting

In the iGaming industry, there are two new trends that are taking off. The first is new casino features like live dealer options. Players can select their favorite game, whether roulette or blackjack, and then play with the help of a real-life dealer. This dealer facilitates the game just like in a physical casino but via video stream, adding a brand-new dimension to the experience.

The second is eSports betting. Many casino-sportsbooks are now offering lines on games like League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is ideal for fans of eSports leagues who may not enjoy traditional sports as much. As we’ll explore below, mobile gaming in particular is taking off. As more mobile leagues develop, there are sure to be markets offered on these eSport titles, too.

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Sports Content

The IPL is easily one of the world’s most popular sports leagues—but that’s not all the country has to focus on. As more sports leagues take off, there’s a greater focus on sports content and on athletes in general. This year, locals have zeroed in on the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, which has taken over many sports publications and channels.

But other leagues, like Pro Kabaddi League and the Indian Super League, have also started to generate more interest in the sector. In turn, this trend has turned up interest in local sports. In 2022, the country saw a huge boost in searches for ‘swimming pool near me’ and similar terms. 

Smart TVs & OTT Streaming

Many Indian families have also been opting for smart TVs. These allow them to drop the traditional cable model and start diving into OTT streaming services, from Hulu to Netflix to Amazon. Many consumers are also opting for smart TVs for their boosted HD levels. Some analysts believe this trend will continue to grow at a rate of almost 17% until 2028.

Rise of the DocuSeries

Let’s focus a bit more on the implications of a rise in smart TVs and OTT streaming services. As more Indians shift toward this type of viewing content, they’re also likely to see a lot more docu-series on these platforms. Documentary series have taken off in the West, which means that Indian locals are likely to see more real-life explorations on screen.

With its booming Bollywood industry, locals are no strangers to cinematic projects of all stripes. Some of the best musicals and action flicks come from Bollywood. However, it’s likely the documentary craze will also make its way to Bharat—especially those programmes produced by streaming services. In fact, some new releases have already captured global attention.

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Mobile Gaming

While many gaming analysts are focusing on VR and cloud gaming as future trends, India’s gaming sector is more focused on mobile titles at the moment. PUBG: Mobile, for example, was recently released (once again) in the country. It’s easily the most popular mobile title—and one that’s likely to become a fully-fledged eSport soon, as mentioned above.

According to some publications, the mobile gaming boom could continue growing until its worth around $8.6 billion by 2027. Much of this demand comes down to demographics, as many young audiences are interested in gaming—and specifically straight from a smartphone.


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