Everything You Need to Know to Start Playing Video Poker Online

You can’t enter a casino without coming across at least a few different options for video poker. The classic casino game has fans from all over the world. And even with the introduction of poker sections at Casino 888, video poker still happens to attract tons of players. 

For instance, you can choose from different themes, styles and gameplay in video poker than even traditional games. But don’t think that you need to learn any complex strategies or rules to win. Because this form of poker is actually incredibly easy to learn and primarily luck based. 

In terms of payouts and how user friendly it is, video poker might even be a much better choice than most slot games. Here is how get the best odds and have the most fun while playing it. 

Video Poker Bonuses

You can earn amazing free plays and credits online if you want to play video poker. For instance, 888 casino has a deal right now where you get $88 absolutely free when you sign up. And you can keep everything you win once you decide to continue on the site and meet the wagering requirements. 

Play for Free

Welcome bonuses aren’t the only way to play for free online. Since video poker is always a software-based game, it means you can test it out in free mode at just about any reputable casino. This gives you the perfect opportunity to figure out how different games work and find out which themes are the most appealing to you. Or, it can be an excellent way to relieve stress after a long day or you just have some time to pass and enjoy playing casino games. 

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How to Play

Video poker isn’t hard to play by any means. Moreover, any casino that offers video poker will have a simple rule sheet that shows you everything you need to know about that particular variation. There’s even software that you can use to determine your odds and clearly show you what your best hands are. 

A hand of video poker begins with you choosing the level of coins you want to play by clicking on the buttons of the screen. Just like setting the number of pay lines to activate and coins to play in a slot game per round.

Next, you’ll click the “deal” button to see which cards you get. You’ll be prompted to select which cards to keep and which to exchange. The game will automatically highlight any winning combinations for you as well, or you can select this for yourself. When you push the deal button for the second time, it will reveal the cards you chose to give away. Your winnings will be automatically added to your balance and you can continue to play until you’re finished. 

There are also games with many new features and possible payouts. So, always ensure you read the pay tables and the rules of every new video poker game you try before you begin.

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