How to Use iTop Screen Recorder on Windows 11

You may find the need to record your PC screen for a variety of reasons. Windows 11 does not come with a built-in tool that can let you record the screen. At this point, you’ll realize you need to search for a screen recorder’s assistance. You can utilize the recommended screen recorder from this post to take care of business.

What is iTop Screen Recorder?

A tool called iTop Screen Recorder is designed to help users record their PC screen activities. Clients may capture their entire screen, a specific area, or a specific window, and record video with narration or background music. The product is frequently used to create interactive exercises, introductions, presentations, and recordings of video calls or interactions.

A variety of features are available in iTop Screen Recorder, such as customizable recording settings, mouse click effects, webcam recording, and explanations. It supports a variety of output formats, including MP4, AVI, FLV, and GIF, and it gives users the option of saving their files locally or directly uploading them to well-known video-hosting websites like YouTube. Because it is simple to use and is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems, iTop Screen Recorder is a popular option for anyone looking for a straightforward yet effective screen recording solution.

How to record your screen with iTop Screen Recorder on Windows 11

The step-by-step instructions for using iTop Screen Recorder to record your screen on Windows 11 are as follows:

  1. Download and Install iTop Screen Recorder: Visit the iTop Screen Recorder website to get the software for your operating system. Run the installation file when the download is complete, then follow the on-screen instructions to install the product on your computer.
  2. Launch iTop Screen Recorder: Following setup, launch the iTop Screen Recorder by touching the icon for the program on your workspace or by looking for it in the main menu.
  3. Choose a recording region: After the iTop Screen Recorder is active, hit the “Area” button on the main connection point to choose the area you want to record. You may choose to capture the entire screen, a specific area, or a specific window.
  4. Set your preference: By pressing the “Settings” button, you may create the recording settings before you start recording. Here, you may select the resultant design, configure the video quality, and choose whether to capture sound from the receiver or the framework sound.
  5. Start the recording: Click the “Record” button to start recording after selecting the recording area and configuring the settings. To start and stop the recording, press the keyboard F9.
  6. Add clarifications (discretionary): During recording, press the “Pen” button to offer further explanations. The recording can subsequently be embellished with text, bolts, and other forms using the devices.
  7. Save videos: The recording should be stopped by clicking the “Stop” button once you have finished the process. The footage may then be viewed and saved to your local disc or directly uploaded to video-hosting websites like YouTube.
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All there is to it is that! You may use iTop Screen Recorder to capture your screen activities using these simple developments.

Why should you use iTop Screen Recorder?

There are several reasons why you ought to use iTop Screen Recorder:

  1. Create introductions and instructional activities: iTop Screen Recorder is a fantastic tool for creating tutorials and introductions since it allows you to efficiently capture your screen activities. You may record your screen while providing instructions or demonstrating how to use a particular piece of software or instrument.
  2. Keep track of all conversations: If you enjoy playing video games, you may use iTop Screen Recorder to capture your gameplay and share it with friends or upload it to YouTube.
  3. Recognize video calls: You may capture video meetings and conferences with iTop Screen Recorder so that you can review the conversation afterward or invite those who couldn’t attend.
  4. Easily utilized: iTop Screen Recorder is straightforward to use even for those who have never recorded their screen before because of its intuitive layout. Also, the product provides helpful pointers and instructions to guide you through the recording procedure.
  5. Modifiable Recording Options: You may adjust the recording settings in iTop Screen Recorder to suit your unique needs. You have a variety of options, including selecting the recording area, sound source, video quality, and result design.
  6. Comments: Moreover, iTop Screen Recorder has remark tools that let you showcase important information in your recordings by adding text, bolts, and other shapes.

iTop Screen Recorder is a useful tool for everyone who wants to record their screen activities, whether for personal or professional reasons. It provides a variety of components and customization options, making it an outstanding choice for many customers.

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About the Free or Paid Version

Both free and premium versions of their program are available from iTop Screen Recorder. The evaluation plans are as follows:

Free Version

You may record your screen, the background noise of your environment, and the sound coming from your mouth using the free version of iTop Screen Recorder. Also, you may add justifications to your accounts and save them in MP4 format. Nevertheless, the free form has some restrictions and limits, such as a maximum recording time of 10 minutes.

Pro Version

The Master version of iTop Screen Recorder provides more features and gets rid of restrictions on free adaption. It enables you to access a wider range of outcome designs, record webcam videos for an infinite amount of time, change hotkeys, and record webcam videos. The Master version is available as a one-time purchase or as a monthly membership.

  • Membership for one month: $3.99
  • Initially: $19.99 (for a lifetime permit)

Business Version

The iTop Screen Recorder Business edition is designed for commercial usage and includes added features including cluster recording, the ability to plan accounts, and an integrated administrative system. An annual subscription is required to access the Business edition.

Keep in mind that iTop Screen Recorder occasionally offers restrictions and improvements on their pricing options, so be sure to check their website for the most latest arrangements.


In conclusion, iTop Screen Recorder is a user-friendly and adaptable programming tool that enables users to record their Computer screen activities. It includes a wide range of components, such as adjustable recording settings, comments, and various outcome designs, making it an excellent choice for many customers. The product’s free version provides the basic screen recording features, while the Master and Business editions cost-effectively include further features and customization options. iTop Screen Recorder is the best solution for how to record screen on Windows 10 or 11. Get it today and start recording anything on your Windows PC.

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