Myassignmenthelp Vs Totalassignmenthelp: Which Option is best?

Assignments have always been the most tedious task for students worldwide. No matter what their discipline is or in which university they are enrolled. With the advancement of technology and competition in the academic world, the difficulty level of the assignments has also increased drastically. Students hardly get any time for themselves beyond their academic work.

This further increases their hatred towards assignments, increasing their dependency on academic writing websites. The increasing demand for academic writing services has fuelled the growth of this industry. Today, the total count of these websites is massive.

But does that increases the number of legitimate choices of genuine academic help for the students? Absolutely not. This is because not all websites claiming to be the best provides the best service.

About MyAssignmenthelp

The company has perfectly used the global village to make a considerable fanbase. A company with more than 5 thousand academic experts, each one of whom is highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields.

They have already delivered more than 20 million orders on more than 100 subjects. For more details read the >Myassignmenthelp review

About TotalAssignmenthelp

They have a skilled group of writers who are also subject matter specialists. Because they have extensive writing expertise and excellent writing skills, they can complete each project quickly for the benefit of the students. They have around 5 Thousand writers who have delivered approximately 3 million orders.

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1. Delivery Speed


Based on user input, they always promise on-time delivery and have frequently done so earlier than expected. As a result, students now have plenty of time to review their papers before turning them in.


Users of this website have in the past complained about the delivery schedule. However, in actuality, there have been many instances of delayed delivery. To get details information about totalassignmenthelp services so read totalassignmenthelp reviews



Reviews of MyAssignmenthelp.com state that no other website is less expensive than this one. The majority of reviews claimed that this website offers the highest quality of service at the most affordable prices. This is the primary justification cited by most of these reviewers for saying that they will never use a company apart from MyAssignmenthelp.com when they require academic assistance.


Reviewers of TotalAssignmenthelp.com stated that although the rates on this website are typical, they were required to pay additional fees for taxes. Additionally, when these students requested refunds for plagiarised work, they virtually never got any. Even worse, TotalAssignmenthelp.com charges extra for reworks, which enraged the majority of previous customers.

3. Offer And Discounts


MyAssignmenthelp.com offers exciting discounts almost all throughout the year and special bonus discounts and offers during festive seasons. It also provides its users with a joining discount, payback and referral discounts. The online courses are live now with discounts as high as 80%.


No such discounts or offers are available on the webpage of TotalAssignmenthelp.com. None was mentioned in the reviews as well.

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4. Rework


MyAssignmenthelp.com provides free rework to its users no matter how major or minor the alterations are, as stated by the reviewers.


TotalAssignmenthelp.com’s rework service is fussy and almost nonexistent. Moreover, as the reviewers state, they were charged pretty high on rare occasions when few of them got to experience their rework services.

5. Customer Service Facility


Every reliable website that offers assignment help has a strong customer service division. This is a reality that MyAssignmenthelp.com abides with. As a result, this website has access to one of the best customer support choices accessible. Customer service representatives are available at all times to respond to your inquiries. Additionally, experts are accessible 24/7 to answer any questions.


However, the student’s encounter with the customer service team at TotalAssignmenthelp.com is not great. In the opinion of the detractors, the chatbots are incredibly slow and answer rather slowly. They frequently still haven’t heard back from the process since it moves so slowly. Numerous former clients have experienced losses and non-refunds as a result of the subpar customer support.

To sum up,

Myassignmenthelp reviews and reviews from various other platforms prove that MyAssignmenthelp.com is a better academic writing website than TotalAssignmenthelp.com. Instead, it is one of the best and most genuine academic companies which aids all the needs of students all over the world.

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