Top 8 games that exist today even though they were first introduced in ancient India

There are plenty of games that you can play virtually and earn fast cash. It is a wonderful hobby as well. Just imagine having a hobby that can help you make money. Isn’t that cool? While most of you are not aware, most online games once originated in ancient India. And why just the online ones? There are so many games with their roots here. 

Yes, you read that right. India is known for its rich culture and heritage and games. Its roots in games go back to ancient times.

So before delaying any further, here are some of the games that exist today even though they were first introduced in ancient India. For instance, Lord Shiva and Parvati used to play Pachisi. This is mentioned in all the holy books as well. However, the games changed over time and have evolved. The virtual versions are as engaging as the offline ones.

Games that exist today and date back to ancient India:

  1. Chess: This amazing game with multiple benefits originated in India. Chess was earlier called ‘Ashtapada’. During the Gupta Empire, it was known to be ‘Chaturanga’. Later on, Persians indulged in this game and named it ‘Shatranj’. Even a few indications prove that chess was found in the archaeological sites of the Indus Valley civilization. It became popular with the help of the British. India is known for its chess players as well.
  1. Carrom: This is an amazing game. We love both the offline and online versions. We have so much nostalgia related to this game. From clubs to birthday parties, carom was a thing in the 90s. Ever since the pandemic has hit, the rise of online carom has been evident. 
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People play the virtual version to kill time and revive their childhood memories. Carrom is said to have originated here. The Indian Maharajas has likely invented the game. 

You can now play carrom online to get that thrill and excitement! Two or four people can play this board game. The gameplay is also easy. Go for the best sites so that you can enjoy them to the fullest. 

  1. Ludo: If you are thinking of online games, then Ludo is the one you should try your hands at. But before knowing that, know about its origin. Yes, even it originated in this great land. India boasts heritage and is also the place where several games originated. Ludo is a very popular game that has been played for years now. All of us have fond memories related to the game. This is a game that brings back memories from our childhood. It was first played in the 6th century. The game was earlier known as Pachisi and evolved from a game called ‘Chausar’ played by Kauravas and Pandavas.

The game was played in the caves of Ellora. The Mughal Emperors enjoyed the game. There is also a mention of Akbar playing the ludo. The British people started using cubic dice and calling it Ludo in 1896.

  1. Judo and Karate: These martial arts forms originated in ancient India. India is a land of rich culture, which is evident from this. The Buddhist monks adopted them in medieval India. It later spread to Asian countries. 

However, many think that they originated from East Asian countries. The controversy is real!!

  1. Polo: Yet another game that exists today but has likely originated in Manipur. Monarchs used to play the game for recreation. The game was played by the kings who ascended the throne in 33AD. It was propagated by the British. Now, aren’t you a proud Indian?
  1. Kho-Kho: A great game with its roots here in India. We have all played this game in our childhood. It is believed to be played on the chariots in ancient India and was called Ratehra by the rulers. Isn’t this fascinating?
  1. Kabaddi: Another widely popular game that emerged after the advent of the Pro Kabaddi League in India. This 4000-year-old sport originated in Tamil Nadu. It is recognized in five forms mainly, which are referred to as Suranjeevii, Gaminee, Amar, Circle, and Goongi.
  1. Badminton: It was also born in India. The British people were the first patrons of the modern version! 
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They brought this game back to India and later claimed it to be theirs. Many countries later adopted this game.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, several card games, bullfighting, etc., also originated here. Now that you know it all, without any delay, why don’t you try the online versions of games like Ludo or carom? Trust us, you will love it! Plus, what a great way to earn money. If you have any doubts, keep an eye on this blog section. We also write about the surge of games in the post-pandemic world, also covered by Forbes. Click here.

The rise is here to stay, and people have adopted the new normal life. They like to socialize on online platforms more than in real life. They also invite their friends and family members through links. It has also become a hobby of gamers to read interesting blogs and articles on gaming. This helps them greatly and takes them to an entirely different world.

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