What are the advantages of an individual online account

To open an account online in the modern world, an Internet connection is enough. Fast, free, reliable… there are a lot of offers for clients. But the WestStein online account clearly stands out due to its advantages against the general background.

Everyone who uses the online payment service needs to create an account. And of course, this requires a reliable, responsible company with a good reputation. WestStein virtual card has been working around the world for many years, taking care of the safety and reliability of its customers.

The range of services provided includes:

direct registration of a current or corporate account;

assistance in activating and installing a mobile application;

receiving / sending money transfers (including international ones);

minimum commission for cash withdrawal at any ATM;

registration of an individual IBAN code.

With the help of WestStein, its owner can book hotels, tickets, pay for services and goods in 120 countries. It is convenient and very beneficial.

How to get a virtual Mastercard

WestStein service provides a convenient option for anyone who seeks to find an alternative to using cash. You need to download the application to your phone or PC and go through a simple registration by entering your first and last name, phone number, mail and address.

After that, an application for a free account opening is submitted. The entered data is sufficient, there is no need to duplicate them. In about 4-5 minutes everything will be ready. As soon as confirmation of opening an account is received, you can immediately start using it. To begin with, of course, you should replenish from your main card or using the terminal.

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A WestStein account is ideal for travelers and regular business travelers around the world. In any country where only the SEPA system operates, it is possible to conduct various financial transactions and make payments using such an account. In addition, WestStein customers have the opportunity to book rooms online in hotels around the world. It’s not just convenient. It’s also beneficial. Any booking comes out 30% cheaper (when compared with booking on booking).

Entrepreneurs value WestStein for its fast turnover and instant funds transfer. You can close your account at any time. For example, you wanted to buy a car and pay for it by bank transfer, but not link your main card to the purchase? An account is opened with WestStein, an operation is performed, the account is closed.

It is convenient to have such a card for paying salaries to employees abroad, for paying taxes and making payments. Even a child can get such a card. The LC will be able to unobtrusively control his payments, and the problem with pocket money will remain in the past.

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