Why is live betting at Betsafe a lot more popular than on other sites

Many big gambling companies in some parts of the world provide their clients with several betting options. Certain brands focus more on sports betting than anything else, but there are some exceptions.

When discussing the sports betting options, customers can place bets on ongoing events by using Betsafe live betting feature that will let them wager on multiple amazing matches. The site is aware that this is the latest trend in iGaming, so it does everything possible to ensure people can have an amazing live betting experience.

It’s worth knowing that many other bookmakers use the term “In-Play” for this option. However, it does the same thing – providing users with the opportunity to place a bet on a live event. The good thing about Betsafe is that this brand is way more advanced, so let’s learn additional details about it. 

There are enough sports to pick from

Before you head over to the In-Play betting section, where you will find all live options, an important thing to remember is that the site is home to many sports. Nowadays, most bookmakers prefer to offer fewer alternatives but provide more markets for them. Yet, this brand decided to take a different route, which is why it has plenty of sports and provides people with enough markets and good odds for all of them.

Everyone interested in exploring the live betting options will find alternatives like football, cricket, boxing, baseball, motorsports, American football, Esports, and more. The site also has several unique things, such as allowing its clients to wager on TV events and things like the weather. Sadly, those rarely make it to the live betting category, but the odds for some of the available options are pretty good.

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The live betting markets

Besides having access to the sport they want, another thing that people check before deciding which iGaming operator they’ll use for live betting is the different markets. Some bookies do not know how to satisfy their clients because they offer the same markets as in the pre-match section. Even though some can work, others are unsuitable for a live betting scenario.

Betsafe’s many years of experience has helped the operator realize this. As a result, there are unique live be ting markets that people can’t use in any other section. For example, the brand often has multiple temporary options, such as which player will score the first goal, what will happen within the first 10 minutes of play, and so on.

The number and types of live betting markets depend on a lot of things, so it will come down to the specific sport you go for. A very important thing to remember about these live betting markets is the odds and the fact that some of them can change every few seconds. This is known as dynamic odds, and Betsafe uses it because it lets the site provide better services.

The dynamic odds mean that every single thing that takes place in the match has an effect on the odds. Therefore, most experienced punters who prefer live betting try to keep an eye on the event so that they can make the most of the dynamic odds.

Live Streaming is here 

If you ask someone what makes some In-Play betting categories a lot better than the rest, the answer is simple – live streaming. This feature became available just a couple of years ago, but it quickly became one of the preferred options among online gamblers. People use it to watch their favorite sports events for free, but those who know what they’re doing prefer to take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

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Unlike many other online bookmakers, Betsafe will not require you to pay for this option. Instead of requiring clients to make a deposit or place a certain number of bets, Betsafe will offer this alternative to all users who open an account.

The Live Streaming feature can be available for many different sports, but eSports is the usual suspect. Since the site has added Twitch to its portfolio, almost all of the big eSports tournaments will be available in real time. The same applies to soccer and volleyball, but it usually depends on the specific event.

Final Thoughts

It is very important to remember that Live Betting is just one of the categories and the options that iGaming operators like Betsafe allow us to use. The website is also home to many other categories, tons of rare bonuses, and rare options, even among the experienced websites for online betting.

As an example, the company offers a poker section and even has a welcome offer that grants users a 100% bonus if they decide to wager on poker. There is also a casino, live casino, blog, many payment solutions, and all kinds of other things.

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