Beginner’s Guide to Srl: Key Points Summarized

Simulated Reality League (or SRL for short) is a novel development in the betting and cricket industry. It uses AI technology in conjunction with machine learning to utilize variables like historical game data and player statistics to create simulations of sports matches.

It does not in any way involve any real games, but is very realistic and a close alternative for passionate fans who want something to do while waiting for a new season of their favorite sport to begin again. 

While SRL uses algorithms to ensure that games play out in a realistic manner, there is still a few key differences between it and your traditional online sports betting. 

  • How results are determined

With Simulated Reality League, real life match data and player stats are relevant, as they are exactly what help the AI calculate outcomes of the games. This leads to a more authentic experience, opposed to virtual sports betting events, which are completely random and generated by RNG software (random number generator software). This is the same software used to make things random in casinos, so there’s really no realism present with virtual sports betting. 

  • Popularity

While SRL is a new concept and a rising industry, it has already received a lot of attention within the sports sphere and continues to grow daily. With a player base large enough to surpass virtual sports betting, it appears that realism and adherence to traditional sports betting values are likely the reasons behind its success. Most punters want their games to be more predictable in nature, like betting on real games.

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Artificial intelligence is at the heart of SRL technology.

  • What sports is SRL available for? 

Now that we’ve covered some basic features of SRL and how it all works, the next question a newcomer might ask is what sports we can enjoy through the help of this technology. Let’s cover some basic ones:

  • Football

It probably goes without saying that the most popular sport in the world has a Simulated Reality League. There are so many football leagues in Europe so there is no shortage of options and there is a massive pool of games that bookies offer. A good one to begin with would be the Premier League. 

  • Cricket

Although not widely known, cricket is actually the second most popular sport in the world, boasting a fan base of 2.5 billion worldwide. Knowing this, it is also not at all surprising that cricket has a Simulated Reality League. It features both the Big Bash League and the Indian Premier League which punters are bound to find exciting.

  • Basketball

Yet another world famous sport; in basketball, there is a myriad of options to choose from with SRL, and Simulated Reality Leagues for the NBA are a notable example. Betting sites will also offer regular and postseason games which helps shake things up and keep them exciting.

  • American Football

Similar to the Simulated Reality Leagues for basketball in the NBA, there are also Simulated Reality Leagues for American football, such as the NFL SRL, which showcases yet another mainstream US league. There are loads of teams and matches to play around with and bet on. The NFL Simulated Reality League really makes for an exciting time and is perfect for bettors and football fans alike. 

  • Conclusion

Simulated Reality League is a fresh development in the world of sports betting and growing every day as more and more fans look for alternative ways to get their fill of sports action while waiting for the new season of their favorite sport to begin. You can enjoy Simulated Reality League on many different sportsbooks sites like the one below:

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Although nothing can replace the thrill of a real match, the Simulated Reality League provides numerous options that are sure to capture the attention of many sports enthusiasts.

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