How to Post a PDF to Facebook in 3 Easy Steps

PDFs are an essential aspect of visual interaction. The PDF file is often used for posters, catalogs, booklets, and newspapers. Facebook’s users may upload and publish PDF files to posts, but there’s a caveat: the capability is not accessible on your own Facebook profile. Instead, it is restricted to business pages and organizations.

So when and how may you upload a PDF on Facebook?

How to publish PDFs on Facebook 

While Facebook limits posts for personal pages to photographs, videos, dynamic GIF files, and internet links, there are alternative methods to share the PDF file’s information with friends. For a single picture or sheet, converting the PDF file to a JPG photo enables you to upload an image of the page as a photograph; you may convert it freely with the Mac’s Preview tool or the PDF to JPG application for Windows.

If the file is more sophisticated, such as a multipage paper or an interactive page, upload it to a file-sharing service like Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive. Once the document is available, generate a public link for sharing and upload it to your Facebook profile.

A PDF file may also be shared with the members of a Facebook Group. To do so, go to the Group page, click the More option, then Add File, and then pick the PDF file to upload. You may also add the PDF document by clicking Files and then Upload File on the left side of the Group page.

3 steps to post PDF files on Facebook

Remember that you cannot publish PDFs to a personal Facebook page; only a business page may do so. Here’s how to post a PDF as a restaurant on Facebook.

  • Change to Business Mode. Navigate to Facebook’s main page and sign in using a web browser. Go to your company page (or, if you haven’t already, establish one and register as a restaurant).
  • Create a menu. Scroll to the bottom until you see the option to Add Menu in the About area of your website. This will download your PDF, but Facebook will handle it as if it were a menu, even if it isn’t.
  • Select your files. You will be able to post photographs or PDFs to Facebook.

How to upload a PDF to a Facebook group 

  • Launch your favourite web browser and navigate to a Facebook group page.
  • There is a box at the head of the facebook group where you may submit a post. Drag your PDF into this window, or click “More” at the top and choose “Add File.”
  • Navigate to your device and upload the PDF you want, then add any content you wish to complement the file and click “Post.”

Upload a PDF to personal Facebook page by converting it 

Although just a few Facebook pages allow PDFs, almost every page accepts normal image files. As a result, you may convert your PDF to an image and upload it in a variety of sites.

There are plenty of free web programs that will accomplish this for you – although with some advertising. Lumin PDF, for example, is a quick and simple converter. Others can be found via Google.

This works well for single-page PDFs, but if you need to convert a multipage PDF, you should split each page into its own picture. After converting your PDF file to a picture, you may upload it just like any other photo.

How to convert and compress PDFs with Lumin?

Compress large files into a tidy PDF for easy transfer.

  • Reduce the file size of your PDFs. When it comes to crucial papers, you want to be sure it arrives safely! Here’s where we come in. Compress your PDF to make it smaller before sending it.
  • Compress and get going. Our tool is easy to use. Simply create a free Lumin Tools account, choose Compressor, and submit your files. You should be OK.
  • Just compress rather than zip. While the traditional right-click and zip method is still extensively used, it can potentially harm your data, especially when passed from person to person. Instead, utilize Lumin to compress and secure your data.

The PDF converting tool allows you to interact with PDF files like your own notebook, painting, drawing, leave comments for the team, or change the PDF file in any way you like. Begin a free trial to see for yourself the benefits of Lumin.

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