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Top 7 Most Profitable Instagram Niches for This Year

Instagram is known to be a rapidly expanding and evolving social media platform. It also has a wide-reaching effect with its content. It has helped several businesses achieve their goals and given them more exposure. However, to gain engagement on Instagram more easily, it’s good to focus on specific popular niches.

There are some niches on Instagram that are so popular that they will help you grow your page substantially. Some users prefer to buy Instagram followers to help them get ahead of the game. However, if you gain engagement on Instagram organically, it will help you be different from your competition.

Authenticity is highly valuable to today’s consumers. As a result, people will often go check their favorite niches on Instagram before making a decision regarding posting or making a purchase. This means that certain niches are more valuable and profitable than others. This list has mentioned the 7 most profitable niches that your page can focus on.


People have had a deep affinity for traveling since the start of time. It helps us discover new locations and new cultures. Nowadays, people want to go on vacation, but they also want to document their travel experiences on social media. So, if you’re a fan of exploring new places, Instagram is a goldmine for you. 

To put it another way, Instagram opens up additional doors for aspiring travel bloggers. There are several methods to generate money on Instagram if you enjoy traveling. Within this particular niche, you can focus on various sub-niches like traveling on a budget, checklists during travels, or itineraries. 

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Because no one ever quits wanting to look good, the beauty business has the same tenacity as other niches. However, a drawback of this niche is that it is highly competitive. You will have to be authentic and unique to stand out. Through Instagram, you can collaborate with other beauty experts and businesses. If you are a brand or business, it is essential for you to use Instagram to help find your target audience.  


Fashion designers and artists continuously look for different ways to show their work. Instagram comes in handy in this as it is a photo-sharing app that mainly focuses on visual aesthetics. People tend to look for the latest trends and styles to inspire their own fashion choices and looks. As a result, fashion has now become a very popular niche on Instagram. Research suggests that people’s interest in fashion is at an all-time high because people want to identify their personal style.


One of the most universally beloved things is food. So, it’s obvious that food will be one of the most popular niches on Instagram. It allows you to post recipes, advice, reviews, images of your food, etc. Additionally, if you have a restaurant or are a cook, it can also act as advertising. This niche will allow you to reach a wider audience instagram which ultimately helps you gain engagement on Instagram.


It’s highly unlikely that someone doesn’t like animals. On Instagram, videos and pictures of your pets and even wild animals often go viral quite easily. This is why it’s always a great idea to post about your pets on Instagram. Furthermore, you may also create an Instagram profile meant solely for your pet.  Even as an artist, if you post your art about animals, it’s more likely to have high engagement.  

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Instagram has been acting as a great place for inspiration for new parents. It has videos, posts, and articles teaching how to raise children. The majority of new parents are on Instagram and often refer to the platform for parenting advice. Parents are becoming more and more popular. As a result, parents may connect with other parents, offer parenting advice, and make money on Instagram.  


There is no better way to make money and improve the lives of others than by encouraging others to do the same. There are many postings on Instagram regarding our personal lives, lifestyles, and choices, so it’s only logical that we’d like others to be able to see them. Consequently, if you have a flair for putting your life and activities on display, the lifestyle niche is ideal for you. 


You can increase your Instagram following without having to buy Instagram followers by just working smartly. If you pick a popular and high-in-demand niche, you will be able to gain engagement on Instagram more efficiently. Not only are these niches popular, but they are also very helpful to your audience, which has helped them gain even more popularity.

However, these popular niches will be competitive, but if you put in enough work and create your content properly, you will be able to stand out from the competition. Everyone wishes to have a big following on Instagram and these 7 niches will help you get closer to that dream.

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