4 Common Cable TV Problems and How to Fix Them

We all live in a constantly evolving world. Every day we wake up to the news of a new advancement that leaves us awestruck. Technology is becoming popular day by day. Why? Because it blesses us with convenience and overall simplifies our life. The internet and cable TV in particular has gotten a lot of recognition over the last few decades. Cable TV has greatly evolved and new, state-of-the-art features are constantly enhancing it. 

However, we must also realize that nothing in this digital world is perfect. Everything comes with a price. You want to invest in cable TV. Fine, that’s a great decision, but just always keep in mind that with time you might have to face some issues with it. So does that mean you should stop thinking about it? No, of course not. 

Many cable providers give you the option of contacting them whenever you feel an issue with your service. Optimum, for example, not only gives you access to 220 plus channels but also makes sure that its customer service team is available around the clock to cater to your cable cable-related issues. 

So if you don’t want any problems at all, well reach out to their website: However if you are on a budget and want to continue using your current cable provider, research all the issues and try your best to solve them. 

This way, you will be prepared beforehand. And that’s a good thing. The intent of this article is exactly that. We will be discussing the most common cable TV problems and learning how to fix them. So put everything aside and keep reading. 

  • The remote isn’t functioning well
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You can try a few different methods to determine whether the issue is with the television or the remote itself. First, don’t forget to check the remote’s batteries because this is frequently the issue when a remote appears to be damaged.

Once you’re certain the batteries are new, you can essentially try a quick hack that uses your mobile device. Just target your smartphone’s camera at the remote’s end, and then press a couple of buttons. Through the camera, you will notice a light come on. If so, the TV is the cause of the issue; try moving it to a different power socket to check if that resolves it. 

If you can’t really see the light, then your remote definitely is the problem. Although remotes do degrade over time, you can easily get a new one from any manufacturer online. Just do your research, check the reviews and choose a reliable manufacturer. You can also customize your own remote. The options are endless. 

  • My TV isn’t producing any sound

If you don’t have sound on your TV, even the greatest picture in the universe won’t help you! Always keep in mind to check if your HDMI wire is linked to your TV. In addition to this, you must also ensure that your speaker cables are effectively connected to your personal speakers before moving on. This should be your first step.

Once you have established this, the solution may be as simple as changing a setting. Verify that your TV is set to emit audio to any connected devices. You might feel like trying another cable or attempt using another device if it still doesn’t function properly. The problem is with your TV if the speaker functions properly for devices other than your TV, and vice versa if the internal TV speakers function properly but the speaker doesn’t.

  • I am constantly hearing an echo
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If you can hear an echo, you most likely have an external sound system, such as a Soundbar, and you have both your TV speakers as well as your external sound system’s volume turned up. 

In case you own a separate sound system, remember you would not like to play sound through the TV speakers as it will always generate an echo and the separate sound system you purchased is far more expensive due to its superior acoustic quality. You should only use your external sound system and switch off, mute, or completely turn down the level on your TV’s speakers. This would essentially make the echo go away. 

  • My TV is showing a blank screen

This is one of the most annoying issues that TV owners face. However, just know that the solution to this problem is very simple. If for example, the television screen is repeatedly showing you a colored or a blank screen rather than what you are actually striving to watch then that implies that your television is not receiving its signals. 

What now? Don’t panic. Just make sure that the device you wish to access is switched on and linked to the television. Verify the video connections to and from each gadget after that. If you’ve made sure that your device is turned on, and that the cable connecting it to the TV is functioning properly, and you’re still not getting your desired picture, there might be a problem with your cable. To see if they are currently experiencing an outage in your location, try calling them or visiting their website.

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Final words

As we have discussed before, nothing is perfect. This means that you will face issues with almost everything that you try. The smart approach is to accept this harsh reality and try to look for solutions to those problems because crying over them would not do you any good. 

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