Why You Should Play Andar Bahar Game | Guide & Tips

Andar Bahar is a card game that’s rather popular in India. Now when the gambling world has become more interconnected than ever it has found players beyond India and across the world. As is the case with any other card game you can play it for fun and leisure, but there are also some that play it professionally and with great passion.

Most Indians are introduced to the game early on and they can start playing it without any need for lessons or tips. 

Is Playing Andar Bahar Legal?

India has rather strict gambling laws and technically playing Andar Bahar isn’t legal. The only forms of gambling that are allowed in India are horse racing and lotteries set up by the government. However, this law is from the 19th century and it doesn’t cover online gambling at all. 

When it comes to playing Andar Bahar in an online casino there are no rules whatsoever and many if not all Indian casinos take advantage of that fact by allowing for an online version of the game to be played. 

You Can Win Money By Playing Andar Bahar

The most common reason people play Andar Bahar is the same as with any other gambling game. If you win at it, it can be quite lucrative. This takes time since you need to learn how the game works and master the strategies needed to win. 

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Online games allow you to bet by choosing a payment method and connecting it to your online casino. There are a few land-based casinos that operate outside the territory and jurisdiction of India that you can play for cash or chips. 

It’s a Good Game for Get-Togethers

It’s a game that’s played against other players which makes it a competitive and communal experience. As such it’s great for parties and family get-togethers. The rules are the same as when you play for real money but there are no risks involved when you’re playing with friends. 

Playing the game with your family is somewhat of a tradition in India and especially when you want to catch up and play a long game while hanging out and having a good time. Online games are great as well, but it’s the communal aspect that sells it to most players.

It’s Good For Mental Health

Scientific research proves that playing Andar Bahar improves your mental health and keeps you mentally agile even at an old age. The game requires a sharp mind and keeping an eye on those who play against you. All of this means that as long as you keep playing the game, you’ll exercise those cognitive abilities and remain sharp regardless of your age. 

Since it’s a communal game that can’t be played without competitors it also provides a motivation to those who play it, to stay in regular contact with their friends and family at an old age. 

It can be Played By Anyone 

Even though Andar Bahar has deep roots in Indian gambling history, the game itself is easy to learn and master even by a novice player. Unlike other games where mastering a strategy can take a long time and there’s a clear difference between an expert and a novice player – Andar Bahar puts everyone on the same level once you grasp the rules. 

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After a while, the game can be played on autoplay so to speak, while you’re engaged in conversation with other players or while you’re sipping a cup of tea. This goes for the betting process as well, which often requires more of a focus on other gambling games. 

The Game is Fun

This is often an overlooked feature of a gambling game – but it’s fun to play and especially so if you’re a competitive person. Some gambling games are all about strategy and carefully considering your and everyone else’s steps throughout the gameplay. 

This isn’t so much the case with Andar Bahar and the game can be enjoyed in a leisurely environment and by everyone regardless of how good they are at it, at least at first. It’s also a good distraction after a busy and stressful day. 

Don’t Hesitate to Try Online Versions

There are also many online versions of the game made for both desktop and mobile devices. Some hesitate to try this version of the old card game, but the gameplay is the same and the experience is made to mimic the look and feel of playing cards with your friends. 

Younger players are already moving on to this medium for playing the game and soon it will become the main way to do it since online gambling is taking over both India and the gambling world in general. 

To Sum Up

Everyone should try the Indian card game Andar Bahar because it’s fun and there are many benefits to playing this game with your friends. For western players, it’s also a window into Indian gambling culture and a chance to explore new card games and new approaches to gambling in general

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The game is communal and it’s a good way to spend time and catch up with your friends and family. It’s easy enough to learn and play and there’s no need to focus on learning strategy as you might have with some other more complex card and gambling games. There are online and real-life versions to try.

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